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It's time for the Board of Directors election! Unit 106 members who have made their emails available to the ACBL will be receiving electronic ballots. Those who have not will receive paper ballots by mail. So please be on the look-out for these and submit your votes by December 7th.

Anyone who wishes to receive electronic communication pertaining to upcoming events, club results, etc. in the future should update their contact information with the ACBL and provide their email address.
Good Behavior Policy
MISSION: To create a more pleasant atmosphere and erase unacceptable behavior

Hints for a more pleasant atmosphere
- Be a good host when players come to your table
- Praise bidding or play of the opponents
- Have 2 convention cards on the table (required)
- Lighten up and have a sense of humor


Behaviors that should not be tolerated:
- Badgering, rudeness, insinuations, intimidation, profanity, threats or violence
- Negative comments concerning opponents or partners play or bidding
- Gloating over a good result
- Constant and gratuitous lessons or analysis at the table
- Loud and disruptive arguing with a director's ruling

Player's Actions
- Director should be called immediately
- Report behavior to the Recorder
- Send written report to the Conduct and Ethics Chairperson

Director's Actions
- Reprimand
- Procedural penalties resulting in some loss of points
- Expulsion from the game

Club Owner's Actions
- Barring from club for a period of time