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It's time for the Board of Directors election! Unit 106 members who have made their emails available to the ACBL will be receiving electronic ballots. Those who have not will receive paper ballots by mail. So please be on the look-out for these and submit your votes by December 7th.

Anyone who wishes to receive electronic communication pertaining to upcoming events, club results, etc. in the future should update their contact information with the ACBL and provide their email address.
Meet the Board

Pat Linnemeyer
Executive Board Member
Budget Commitee
Annual Brunch Committee Chair

Fred Shubert
Vice President
Executive Board Member

Mark Whitman
Budget Commitee

Susan Koster
Newsletter Editor
Club Coordinator
Executive Board Member

Carole Gelfer
Administrative Secretary
Executive Board Member

Pam Mills
Tournament Committee Chair
Hospitality Commitee Chair
Executive Board Member

Doug Cestone
Newsletter Distribution

Ron Nelken
Pairings at Unit Events

Tod Thorgersen
Bob Johnke Teams Committee Chair
Nelson Reitman Teams Committee Chair

Sam Ghosh

Peri Namerow
Novice/Intermediate Promotion
Bob Johnke Teams
Nelson Reitman Teams

Richard Podkowik
Web site
Mailing List
Player of the Year

Joel Lipset
Pairings at Unit Events

Abby Brawer
Bob Johnke Teams
Nelson Reitman Teams

Robert Sorce
Recording Secretary
Tournament Committee
Site Committee

Michelle Lanigan
Hospitality Committee
Annual Brunch

Amy Nellissen
Distribution, Flyers

Joseph Pospis